Reasons for breathing.

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Not the biggest fan of the title “Webbonso”, but these two are so in love it’s actually unbearable. In a good way. (^.^)

TBBT - Season 5 Episode 16

Sheldon: But if I don't come into work, what am I supposed to do with myself?
Seibert: Read, rest, travel. I hear Afghanistan is nice this time of year.
Sheldon: Sarcasm?
Howard: No. You should go.

"I’m too young to be content with two champion leagues."

- Jose Mourinho (via xabielmariscal)

Me singing loud and proud: SHE'S ON DRUGS, I'M ON TAMBOURINE.
Me thinking: That wasn't right, was it? Anyway…
Me singing loud and proud: IT'S INDIE ROCK & ROLL FOR ME.

Am I the only person who automatically thinks of Klaus when I utter or type the words, “That’s the spirit?” If I am, you’re all doing life wrong.

If you’re a hardcore fan of The Killers and think Mr. Brightside is their best song, I will judge you. If you’re an occasional listener, you’re forgiven. I’m not saying Mr. Brightside is terrible, I actually find it hard not to sing along and move in attempt to dance or whatever every time it plays, but… come on. In conclusion, I bloody love The Killers. :D


Why do most tennis fans dislike Tomas Berdych?

The more people shower him with hate, the more I love him, but I just need to know…


Nando, what are you doing? :D

<3 Believe.

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